Online Golf Training – The Simple Swing Review

Reviewer: Joseph Broody
Rating:  5 stars
Ebook Review:The Simple Swing

I wrote this review about the online golf instruction course “The Simple Swing”  because this course written by David Nevogt is probably the most highly rated and widely used online golf training for the beginner and high handicap golfer available today.

I have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Simple Swing system and will review it will find the most concise “game-improving” golf instructions they can find inside.

The Simple Swing is a system that simplifies what is probably the most complex variable in golf: The Human Golf Swing. Each golfer is so different that if one wants to improve through online golf tips or instructions, the instruction had better eliminate as much variability as possible if it is to be effective! 

This course does this plus covers every aspect of beginner-level golf instructions and golf swing improvement topics that you need (full swing, chipping, pitching, driver off the tee, etc.).

In fact, when I logged in and downloaded the first of several guides in the members area, quite frankly, it contained info that a lot of other golf guides that sell as their entire product.

Yet the first bonus (which is really, really good for beginners) is scarcely 10% of what is contained in the entire site.

The Simple Swing member’s area has instruction inside that covers many golf game improvement areas in detail, that you could possibly need to know from beginner level standpoint.

Why search through dozens of other online golf instructions / guides designed to do everything but improve your golf swing consistency when this one has everything you need to know to get lower scores now?

Also, The Simple Swing is managed by two guys, Bobby Eldridge and David Nevogt, a pro teacher and an author respectively, who are both highly respected golf instructors and also keep their online golf instruction content up-to-date and fresh.

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And there are even more separate articles inside which discuss secret golf tips that the creators of the website felt their users needed to know. If you want to get better and more consistent in your golf swing and golf game, just keep coming back to David Nevogt and Bobby Eldridge–they really make things simple.

My advice is that if you are a beginner who truly wants to improve quickly by simplifying the variables in your game, then become a member.
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