A free golf tip for you!  Video of a putting drill that can help you shrink your score around the greens.


Putting drills. Beginning and Bogie golfers would probably rate practicing their putting just below flossing teeth in terms of excitement. They will put almost all their practice time into mastering the driver and becoming a long drive artist. Face it. Every one knows that driving the ball 300 yards makes a golfer seem more macho, or even superior in some wierd golfing way.

But an old golf axiom accurately states that we “drive for show and putt for dough”. Putting, the great equalizer, hides lower scores not so secretly on and around the greens. Brilliant drives mean nothing if you 3 putt 50 % of the time. If 3 putts happen to you at this rate or higher on an 18 hole round, I can safely bet that your score averages 100 or higher based on all the other things that typically go wrong on a golf round.

This consistency is needed in the putting game just as much as in the driving game. Time spent putting will only return benefits.

A professional instructor at this point would be highly beneficial, and would probably help you gain the needed form and feel in a short amount of time. However, most of us do not have the money to purchase the time of a professional trainer, particularly just to learn to putt properly.

If it is not feasible to purchase the time of a top-notch teaching professional, there are otherways to address the important and fundamental issue of learning to putt effectively.

So I have provided a link to a free video can help you get started with a putting drill that will most assuredly improve your feel on and around the greens.

This guy is kind of hokey, but I love his ability to break complex things down to a simple set of rules. This video helped me become tremendously comfortable on the greens and I usually can’t wait to show off what my practice time has been able to do for me.

Darrell Klassen Free Putting Drill


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