Proper Alignment Sets You Up For Golfing Greatness!

Proper alignment is an absolutely necessary skill for beginner golfers to understand. My first and only lesson from a PGA pro taught me to have proper alignment and I learned that if I learned to do it correctly I would eventually play golf correctly.

For me if the alignment isn’t close to perfect then incorrect target alignment will create havoc in my game and the result is usually pretty clear: I will not successfully hit the target.

For all golfers, you should focus on having your hips, shoulders, and feet aimed on the same parallel line to the target.

A good coach will usually make you spend several hours at the golf course with a club across the front of your feet that has been aligned to the flight path you initially want to produce.

Proper technique will help you enjoy the game of golf much more. As a beginner, remember to try to do extensive research on players you admire and then go out and practice continuously.

This is the only way I have found to make less ball striking mistakes and lower your scores.

Proper Aligment Routine–Here is how I do it:

1. First I set a target for my golf ball. Even at a driving range, have a target or you are wasting time and energy.

2. Next I draw an imaginary line from the golf ball to the target. I will look for a spot two feet just past the front of the golf ball and create this point as the intermediate target.

3. Next I walk up to address the ball and square my club face with my target. I ensure that my intermediate target is being aimed at by the club face.

4. Next I ensure that my stance is set so that my feet are parallel to the line from the golf ball to the target. Ensure then that my knees, waist, and shoulders are set as much as possible on the same parallel line.

5. Now I turn my head towards the target and take a mental picture of the target.

6. Look one more time ensure that the club face is square to the target.

As a beginner I knew that proper technique and golf swing improvement would allow me to advance the quickest because I would eliminate unnecessary sources of variability. Alignment is low hanging fruit in the world of golf tips and golf swing improvement. Use it.



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