Golfers have long searched for the golf best training aids to help lower their handicaps or at the least, keep their games in the best possible form. As we all know, the game of golf is a great sport.  It is easy to get started playing, but extremely difficult to master. It’s even harder to master if you have bad form.  Over the decades, there have been dozens of golf training aids developed to try to help lower scores.


Some of the most popular golf swing training aids and short game aids available today are:

Medicus Driver

Two things that most amateur golfers struggle with are swing tempo and swing plane.  Creating a repeatable swing that produces a consistent ball flight is impossible if these two things are not mastered.

The Medicus Driver is a golf swing trainer that uses a hinge in the middle of the shaft to provide feedback to the user about their path and tempo.  If the club is taken away at the wrong angle or if the tempo is not smooth, the club will break at the hinge.

Swing plane is the path the club takes on the backswing, downswing, and follow through.

A swing that stays on plane and has a consistent tempo will keep the club together throughout the swing.  Training with the club will help the golfer understand exactly where the club should be during the entire swing, and as they build confidence, it will help them ensure a good tempo is being used.

Momentus Iron Golf Trainer

The Momentus is another golf swing trainer that helps golfers maximize swing speed and tempo.  The club has a shaft that distributes the clubs weight evenly along the entire length.  This helps the golfer increase the speed and momentum of the swing as the club travels along the down swing.

Over time, the weight of the club helps the golfer build muscle memory for a repeatable swing that increases its momentum from top to bottom.  The club is heavier than a standard club and requires extra strength to hold it at the top of the backswing.

This promotes a slight pause at the top of the swing which gives a good starting point for a momentum increasing downswing.  Gravity and the clubs weight help the golfer increase the speed of the swing as the club returns to the ball.

The extra weight of the club also helps the golfer keep the club on plane.  The easiest way to swing the club is along the correct path because it requires the least amount of resistance for the muscles.  Golfers quickly learn where the correct plane is located and are able to repeatedly get the club in the same position.


Tour Links Training Aid

Swing aids are the most popular golf equipment sold.  Everyone enjoys hitting the ball farther and straighter, but the way to improve scores the quickest is on the greens.  The Tour Links Indoor/Outdoor Green Training Aid is a revolutionary putting green system that will help all golfers improve their putting stroke and shave several shots from their score.

Most golfers do not line up puts correctly and few have a putting stroke that produces a consistent hit on the ball.  The Tour Links Green remedies both of these issues.  The green comes with a ball marking tool, an alignment string, and a swing distance indicator to help produce a consistent stroke.

The ball marking tool allows the golfer to put a straight line at the exact center of the ball.  This helps line up the ball with the hole.  Many golfers use a line on the ball to align it for puts, but if that line is not perfectly straight it can lead to poor puts.

The alignment string runs the entire length of the green from the hole to the post located beyond the putting area.  This string helps a golfer see the path of the putter.  If the putter head swings away from the string or goes under it at any point of the putt, the swing is not online and needs to be corrected.

The swing distance indicator is essentially a ruler located next to the putter.  The golfer can see how far the back swing and follow through is for each putt.  The goal is to have a mirror image between the backswing and follow through that ensures the putt is accelerating through the ball.

No matter what a golfer’s handicap is, golf training aids can help them lower their scores even further.  Use of short game aids or golf swing training aids will help all golfers improve their game.