How to Create The “High Backspin on Golf Ball” Shots We Admire on TV


Wouldn’t you like to be able to put a ton of backspin on the golf ball on your approach shot, watch it hit the green then come back to you like it was a yo-yo?

Well, you came to the right place for tips and secrets to potentially create very high backspin golf ball shots onto the green.

Benefits of knowing how to create a high backspin golf shot are pretty obvious:

1. Wow the foursome – few amateurs can do this.

2. Get control of your approach distance and you automatically control your scoring destiny.

3. Strategically control the ball placement on the green (similar to professional pool players) for the best pre-determined next shot.

4. Attack aggressive front pin placements by shooting over and behind them, then roll backward to get close.

So how do we accomplish this pretty cool, extremely useful but utterly elusive shot?
Well, as you will see, it is not easy due to the multitude of linked variables that have to line up in your favor just as you take the shot.

I’ll break it up into the following categories –

1. Things you cannot control and

2. Things you can control

So, here we go:

1. Things you can’t control

a. Take note of how receptive the greens are on your course in order to try a high backspin golf shot. Are the greens soft but firm or hardpan and slick? Is the green sloped toward you or away from you?

Is the course fairly dry or has it been watered or has it seen a lot of rain recently.

For each of the preceeding variables the first one will provide you with more favorable conditions to create high enough golf ball backspin to make it whip back toward you.

b. The lie of ball, if you hit the ball into the rough this won’t work. If you hit into the fairway but the ground gives too much, this shot won’t work as intended either. The reason why is explained below in the shot technique explanation

c. Other factors like the wind being in your face or blowing out


2. Things you can control

a. choose the right ball – Your golf sporting goods retailer can help you here. Beware that the balls that produce the highest spin also cost the most. That means if your golf swing produces mis-hits, you may lose some very expensive balls.

Ask your retailer about the highest spin balls which typically have 3 or 4 layers and cost much more.

b. Choose the right club
It’s just basic physics: High lofted club face = less forward momentum and more vertical entry on the drop.

To produce a really high backspin golf shot your clubface HAS to have clean sharp grooves. If it doesn’t, don’t expect miracles that defy physics.
c. Proper setup is also key. Use a slightly open club face to provide as many grooves” to the ball dimples as possible.

There’s one other underground secret about the club that I share on my
here on this webpage that may be construed as an “unfair” advantage. I will let this dirty little secret out now and will leave the decision to you as to whether to employ.

Dirty Rotten Backspin Trick to feel guilty about later..
Find or Create a Sand Wedge that is Super Rusty on the grooves on the club face.

This type of club has been tested to produce more backspin than either a brand new club or an expensive high spin golf ball in machine tests to the tune of a couple THOUSAND rpms. I read this in a very well known golf book and asked myself “is this legal?” Then I asked myself “is it not??”

A fine gentleman once said “It’s not illegal…merely frowned upon..”

Anyway, I leave it to you. Try it out if you can and send me an email about your “guilt” if you must.

d. The right swing – without a consistent golf swing that you can rely on you should NOT be following the advice in this article.
With that caveat aside:

-Set the ball back in your stance just in front of your normal divot point,

-do de-loft the club by opening face a bit, -do swing hard enough to provide the ball plenty of compression for a quick friction filled ride up the club face.

Think of striking a match or a tire burning rubber. That is the effect you are trying to create with your swing except the ball is the match and the earth will provide the pinch necessary to shoot the ball up the club face.

Swing all the way through with full body through the hands and wrists but at the point of contact do not casually try to flip the wrists to strike the match.

You have to really have fairly high swing speed and accuracy to provide the right pressure to squirt the ball up the club face. This means you should focus on better swinging not harder swinging.

The below link is a video of a teacher named Martin Chuck who is explaining the role of backspin in the short game.  Warning:Martin is a little bit hokey, and the video has small bit of noise, but it is really good info and I get a kick out of his teaching style.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s usually right on the money with his explanations, either.



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