Proper Grip


I consider a proper golf grip a simple but very important part of the game of golf. Something as simple as gripping the club too tightly can actually be the cause of a slice because the tightness in the hands won’t allow the club head to close or release at the proper time.

Let me first talk about two if the different grips and what I consider to be the good and not so good points in them.

In the best golf training e-guides I have read for beginners they always state that both hands should work together on the club and that one hand or the other should never, ever dominate the swing.

For some, several hours of practice on the driving range can prove useful in finding and maintaining the right grip pressure suitable for their game.

The best golf e-books I’ve read talk about four types of grips, namely the palm grip, the double V grip, the interlocking grip, and the overlapping grip.

I feel that most players and especially beginners need to get their grip in order to really begin lowering their scores fairly quickly.

Interlocking and overlapping grips are the most widely used by golfers everywhere and would be suggested by the best golf training guides. In these grips the pinky finger either interlocks with it’s counterpart or it overlaps the other pinky of the forward hand.

The interlocking grip gives harmony to the two hands but inexperienced players could see a loss of control and elasticity in their swing. This grip runs the risk of the handle of the club entering the palms and you end up gripping the handle like a baseball bat. That is a recipe for disaster.

I think most beginners can use this grip but always begin the grip with the club in your fingers.

In the overlapping grip the little finger of the “trail hand” is to be carried over the forefinger of the “lead hand”. This overlapping helps the grip and the player in the game of golf. The overlapping grip holds the club in the fingers moreso than in the palms which is a very good thing.

When you look down at your hands as you grip the club, remember that the V created by the thumb and the index finger needs on both hands needs to be pointed back over your away shoulder if you want to have proper golf grip.

The pressure for a proper golf grip should be somewhat feeble so that you have better power and release of the club head through the ball. You want to be able to swing the club as full speed with just enough pressure in the grip to keep the club from flying out of your hands. If you hold it with a death grip you will quickly find a deteriorating game. I guarantee it!


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