Watch The Ball, BE The Ball!


You will hear this repeated in nearly all sports – keep your eye on the ball. This most assuredly applies to golf as well! If you don’t see the ball at the point of contact, then there is a very high chance that you will mis-hit it!

We’ve all heard it. Your golf buddies see you mis-hit the golf ball and they give you the tried and true golf tip – “Keep your head down” or “You raised out of the shot”. What they are really saying is that your shot somehow looked more awkward than usual and it (most likely) is becuase you wanted to see the ball flying to the target.

Unfortunately, it is physically impossible for the eye to move independently of the head fast enough in a golf swing to allow us to see the shot we are making in real time. So our mind sort of cheats by allowing us to begin anticipating the flight path of the ball as we are swinging through the impact point.

So we swing through and look up in anticipation before we’ve completed the only true task we have – – HIT the ball.¬†In order to do what we are truly supposed to do, you have to fight the urge to receive feedback immediately by keeping your eyes focused on the impact point on the back of the ball. Also,do not watch your club when you swing as there is no point to this.

Focus on the targeted spot on the ball and let everything else fade into the background. Pick your spot and MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE CLUB HIT IT!

Sadly, it is still somewhat natural to look away when you begin to swing the club quickly back through the impact point. Ignore the natural feeling and keep your eyes on the spot on the ball you need to hit. Let your buddies watch the flight for you.

Also, it is hugely important to remember to watch the ball when the pressure to perform is on, no matter the kind of shot you need to take. It should not matter if the ball is in the heather, a sand trap, on an ugly slope, or anywhere else. The main thing is to see the yourself strike your target spot on the ball completely so that you can hit it solidly and hopefully, successfully.

If you are serious about lowering your golf scores keep these golf tips in mind. Most golf scoring mistakes are made as a result of a loss in concentration. If you focus on the ball, you should be well able to hit the ball properly and with authority.

To really step up your golf game, always remember to remind yourself to keep your eye on the target point on the back of the ball for the entire swing and SEE THE IMPACT. You could find your game improving so much that your friends will wonder what you did!


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