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Why do people spend tons of money with PGA professionals to improve the consistency of their golf swing plane when the web has so many free golf swing tips and advice for beginners?

Properly swinging a golf club and striking a golf ball with precision CONSISTENTLY is an incredibly complex task.  The process is filled with so many interdependent variables that it is a wonder people don’t break down sobbing in the high rough just thinking about it.

A consistent on-plane golf swing is so essential to having a good golf game that without it the poor beginner golfer has almost no chance to produce good shots under pressure.

What’s worse is that inefficient, improper or poor swing mechanics can go undetected indefinitely. Therefore using a highly rated professional teacher to assess your swing properties is by far the quickest way detect inconsistencies in the swing and therefore the swing plane.  This is why there are $$BIG BUCKS$$ spent on PGA pro level teachers by pros and amateurs alike.

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Understanding the ineffective parts of your own golf swing and the true feel of a purely efficient on-plane golf swing is paramount to learning to correct your issues and therefore get ‘on-plane’.

This article will list below two FREE golf swing set-up checkpoints that the average beginner golfer should review to ensure that their own golf swing plane is properly entered into and then maintained throughout the full swing.

Beginning with the end in mind we should  ask the question: What is goal when we pick up a club?  I believe the goal is to strike the ball with the club face as CONSISTENTLY as possible using the same swing or portions of the same swing, every time, all the time.

Ben Hogan called this developing a “repeatable” swing, or defined in his other words – “a swing that performs BETTER the more pressure you put on it“.  From that nervous tee-off on that 550 yard par 5, to the 12 foot money putt that saves par and wins the purse, clearly this is something for which we all strive.

Hopefully, clearing the following checkpoints off your to do list will put you on the road to a “repeatable” golf swing.

Free Golf Swing Plane Checkpoint#1:

Set up in your normal stance. Take the club away normally, then stop the club at the waist-high level.  What you are looking for is a club that is exactly parallel to the ground. “OK” you say, “That’s easy enough.”

However, at the exact same time the club should also be exactly parallel to your intended target line which should correspond to the line which runs across the front of your shoes.  This is the variable that from the very beginning either helps or hinders a developing a consistent swing plane and thus a consistent follow-through on the same plane.

Fitting computer programmer parlance might be “Garbage in, garbage out”.

In other words, if you begin with an alignment that might not return your club face to the intended target line, then you are, in effect, swinging the club randomly and should not expect to know where the ball will go. 

This is not to say that one can’t hit the ball properly without acknowledging this checkpoint in their swing.

However, why not simplify things ?  Taking one variable out of the equation can often help us pinpoint other problems to correct, which assuredly gets us closer to our goal of becoming a better golfer.

Free Golf Swing Plane Checkpoint#2 :

Now move your swing back to full extension on the take-away then stop.  Now look at the back of your leading hand’s wrist (i.e. the hand holding the end of the club).  This “back of the hand” to “back of the wrist” connection should be dead-on straight.

Imagine wearing your watch on the hand holding the end of the club and sliding a 12 inch ruler underneath the watch face from your hand back past the wrist to the forearm.

If this were done, then during the entire swing you would not be able to bend your wrist back toward your body without severe discomfort. To prove the importance of this checkpoint to yourself, the next time you watch PGA pros, look for this.

I have yet to see a replay of a winning PGA Pro’s swing which does not have this straight back of wrist action on the hand holding the end of the club.  You just NEVER see the best of them bend their wrist from the mid-point of the back swing ascent the top of the swing. I’d hazard a guess that they have all come to know something about this wrist position: IT WORKS.

In summary: The consistent placement of the club, hands and wrists in the golf swing plane checkpoints #1 and #2 above will help you eliminate unnecessary variation that hinders development of a consistent swing plane. It doesn’t hurt that they are also SUPER EASY to implement. Try them on the practice range tonight!

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