Cure a slice with these 3 FREE Golf Tips for Beginners!


How many times have you tee’d up the ball, let loose your swing and the result was less than pleasing? The ball takes off straight or maybe to the right a bit, then as if drawn by a magnet, sails to the right and out of sight just as you yell FORE!!!”

You have just banana sliced the golf ball. All beginner golfers and high handicappers have to combat this problem at some point in their golfing career. Most people who want golf tips that work will go to different gurus and bluntly state “I am here because I want you to fix my slice–only!”   

In fact, I have seen some “decent” golfers who have merely incorporated slices into their game rather than fight it. They just stand with feet aiming way left and let ‘er rip as usual, hoping for the boomerang effect to bring the ball back into play.

However, if you believe, as I do, that a slice is an error in swing mechanics and therefore should be controlled, then read on… 

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The bottom line: Something YOU did caused the slice, therefore logically YOU can undo the errors that caused it and therefore fix a slice. An old golf axiom states that “it ain’t the club, it’s the clubber“. 

A beginning golfer or an intermediate golfer feeling desperate for a golf tip or two to cure a slice should BEWARE of the internet version of snake-oil peddlers who claim to be able to fix a slice with some secret sauce you rub on your golf club, etc. 

(I am really serious about this claim… I wasted my money on some guy claiming this “cure” and ABSOLUTELY BEG you not to do the same. Yes…I am still miffed about it…. but I digress.) 

golf slice

First, some physics. A slice occurs because the face of the golf club is open (or becomes open) at impact. This openness imparts a sideways spinning motion to the ball as the club face impacts the ball through the swing plane. 

The more open the club face, the more side spinning velocity imparted to the ball on contact and thus the more sharply the ball veers for a given swing. 

Next, learning the fundamentals of the basic on plane golf swing will allow you to assess your swing well enough to work through the variables that cause unintended consequences and will allow you to readily incorporate the free golf tips below.

Eventually, you must learn to hit the ball cleanly and ensure that you advance the ball down the course on a fairly predictable trajectory.

Accurately predicting the trajectory, speed and distance of the ball in flight is what saves strokes, and this can only come from complete confidence in your swing. 

Lastly, here are the 3 FREE golf tips or pointers designed to help you gain control of and therefore reduce your slice. Try these golf tips out at your local driving range after work.

Since we all have problems slicing the ball with a driver, I will use driver as the club example. These very SIMPLE TO IMPLEMENT golf tips can help you eliminate or at least severely reduce the variability that leads to slices.

#1 of 3 FREE “Fix My Slice” Golf Tips 

Hold the driver in your usual setup, then raise it by extending both arms out in front of you. Most of us will see the driver face as “flat” or “not open” at this point. 

If that is the case for you, turn the club in your hands and now hold it with the face “closed” about 25 degrees or more. Lower back to your regular start position. This club face angle should be your starting position. 

Why? The driver’s flexibility is the number one reason this club’s face is usually open at impact, and why even pro’s will struggle with it at times.

When you swing a driver at full speed, torque will twist the club’s face away from the target line causing it to still be open at the time of impact. Your job is to guess how much torque you impart in your swing and correct for it.

#2 of 3 FREE “Fix My Slice” Golf Tips 

Ensure that your grip is not contributing to an open face at impact Pro golf instructors want you to have a “strong” grip at setup. This basically means that at set up you should grip the club lightly with the lower hand, but your top hand should angle at the wrist and the hand should bend TOWARD YOUR TARGET more while also holding the club with this hand lightly. 

If this is done correctly both thumb lines should be in a straight line and point up and over your back (or away) shoulder. 

This is a slightly uncomfortable position for the lead wrist, but once you notice the results, it will become second nature. 

A “strong grip” as defined above is also said to allow you to “release” the club head into the ball. 

I don’t know about that, and I am not so sure anyone can say what this means with 100% confidence, but this tip definitely helped me put extra “oomph” into my swing and send golf balls farther down the fairway without adding effort. 

#3 of 3 FREE Slice Reducing Golf Tips

Now, using just a tee at your usual ball tee height, set up as discussed above, swing the club back, then forward at 60 – 70% of your top speed and !!!!!STOP!!!!! just at the tee in your usual “I am going to smash the cover off this ball” stance. 

Very quickly take a visual picture of the club face, your hand, body and feet positions. Look at the club face. If the club face is not closed, repeat steps one and two until the club face seems to you that it will be closed at the impact point while under the torque of your particular swing.  

In summary, without knowing your exact club swinging mechanics, the above steps should have helped you eliminated the easy to reach, low-hanging fruit types of golf club swing variables that cause golfers to slice the golf ball uncontrollably 


In order to have a chance at becoming a really good golfer you must learn a swing that will consistently strike the ball with the sweet spot of the club face, compress the ball, transfer the energy into a high velocity backward spin and send it to the intended target along a previously determined line. 

It is possible to develop a more consistent swing plane in your golf game quickly plus learn to fix many more swing faults by visiting the site below: 

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