Two Free Golf Tips – How to Stop Slicing Using The Driver


Most beginner golfers are drawn to golf driver tips when first learning the game.  The old saying goes “chicks dig the long ball”.  It is very satisfying the ego to see the ball fly high, straight and far after a properly executed golf swing with a driver.  This article is designed to provide golf tips help the beginner golfer and high handicapper make better shots with the driver with more regularity.

The driver is the longest club in your golf bag but also has the most flex of any of your clubs in the shaft, typically.  The top golf swing trainer e-guides I have reviewed don’t always focus on the driver.  This is because the driver is probably the hardest club for any golfer to control due to the length and flex inherent in the shaft.

It is very easy to hit the ball a long way with a driver.  However, one of the absolute hardest things to do is hit the ball long AND straight consistently.  Your golf swing needs to be fairly consistent before you can begin to utilize some of the tips I will present below.

diagnose slice

Most beginners and, indeed, most golfers in general have a problem with slicing when using a driver.  A slice for a right handed golf player is a shot where the ball curves from left to right in a sharp curve. I have picked up a few sweet golf tips that have helped me reduce my tendency to slice the ball.  It still happens, however, if my focus is taken away on a controlled swing because I am intimidated by the length or obstacles of a particular course, but that is a mental issue and will be addressed in another article.

FREE Driver Slice Reducing Golf Tip #1

Proper anti-slice set-up: Hold the driver in your hands in your usual beginning setup; now raise it until it’s straight out in front of you. Most high handicap players will see the driver face as “flat” or at least “not open” at this point.

If that is the case for you, turn the club in your hands and now hold it with the face “closed” about 25 degrees or more. Lower the club back to your regular start position. This club face angle should be your starting position.

Why? The driver’s flexibility is the number one reason this club’s face is usually open at impact.  Even pro’s struggle with it.  Some won’t even use a driver.  The second major reason for slicing is related our swing path.  This is something that is so personal to each player that it is outside the scope of this tip sheet.

If you swing the driver at top speed, it is a physical fact that torque twist in the shaft will pull the club’s face away from the target line, and thus it will still be open by the time it reaches the impact point.  Also, the inertia transferred from the ball will add even more twist to the club face. So, your job is to guess how much torque we will impart to the shaft given your swing speed and then try to correct for it.

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FREE Driver Slice Reducing Golf Tip #2

The next tip involves getting a proper grip on the driver.  You must ensure that your grip is not a contributing factor to leaving the driver’s club face open at impact.  Professional instructors will say that they want you to have a “strong” grip at the setup.

This really means that you should first grip the club lightly with the lower hand, then your top hand should have a sharp angle at the wrist and the hand should bend toward your target more while also holding the club with this hand lightly.

If this is done properly both thumb lines should be in a straight line and point up and over your back (or away) shoulder at address.

This is an uncomfortable position for the lead wrist, but once you notice the results, it will become second nature.

A “strong grip” as defined above is also said to allow you to “release” the club head into the ball.

I don’t know about that, and I am not so sure anyone can say what this means with 100% confidence, but this tip definitely helped me put extra “oomph” into my swing and send golf balls farther down the fairway without adding effort.

I am sure that these tips will help you understand your swing mechanics in order to gain more consistency and length off the tee-box.  However, try to remember that the short game is where the really low scores on the score card dwell.

Don’t worry too much about assimilating these golf driver tips if you still find that you can’t control it.  Find a club that keeps you on or near the fairway consistently and forget the ego stuff.  If you end up with the lowest scores at the end of the day then you can have the last laugh!

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