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Do you really practice any of the chipping tips you have ever heard? Many beginners focus on practicing the driver much more so than their short irons or putter.   While I have improved tremendously in my ball striking off the tee, I didn’t really begin having any significant scoring improvement until I began spending most of my time practicing around the green from 50 yards in. More recently, all the game improvement I have experienced has come from getting better from 50 yards in.

Free Tip: How to Produce Accurate Chip Shots Around the Green

You must learn to swing the club such that you are catching the ball with the clubface on the lower hemisphere of the back of the ball.  This produces back spin which is hugely important for control of distance both in the air and when the ball hits the ground.  If you want to learn to control how far it rolls you must control the backspin.

Your practice should focus on ensuring that your golf swing chops down on the back of the golf ball then follows through.  Do not try to scoop the ball up into the air.

Weight forward over your front leg.  This automatically puts your hands past the ball on the downswing. This is the position at contact is what allows you to put spin on the ball.

A chip shot is a shot from beside the green, made using a short or a middle iron. The ball moves in the air for a short distance and then runs towards the hole. Generally, golf swing e-books say that if there is some obstacle like water, sand, or long grass between me and the hole then should try pitching which will be discussed later.

Learn where your ball strike is going to land the ball rather than where the ball will stop.  Using an 8 iron, if struck correctly you should expect to hit the ball about one-third of the distance to the cup and let it roll two-thirds of the distance.

Using a pitching wedge, you should expect a well struck ball to fly about one half the distance to the hole and roll one half.

Using a sand wedge, you should expect a well struck ball to fly about two-thirds of the distance to the hole and roll one-third.

All beginners in the game of golf can develop proper golf grip, become good at chipping, and make lower scores in golf. My swing may be a little incorrect yet I can do a chipping shot. Numerous articles on the web can help you practice appropriate swing techniques.

Normally the proper golf grip for beginners is the overlapping grip. It is easier to manipulate the club using the overlapping grip as written in the golf swing instructions.

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